Our research

Major human resources and modern technologies

Florimond Desprez is making major investments to be competitive today and ensure its continued presence tomorrow on international markets.

The company devotes 13% of its income to research, which makes it the leading company according to this criterion, with 35% of its employees involved in research and development activities.

Florimond Desprez has numerous search tools, including beets and chicory, small grain cereals and protein crops, biotechnology, genetics and biometrics laboratories, … and a trial network in countries where the company operates. laboratoire Florimond Desprez


Through its research activities, Florimond Desprez is working towards two goals. First of all, the company aims to obtain the best possible varieties in line with the commercial requirements of its grower-customers, as well as their advisors and distributors, industrial processing operators and, increasingly, end consumers.
However, Florimond Desprez’s research must also harness the full range of innovations, from leading-edge tools (molecular marking, sequencing, genotyping, high-throughput phenotyping, etc.) to the most innovative techniques (AB-QTL, association genetics, genomic selection, bioinformatics, etc.). AKER Robot d'analyse


Research is faced with an acceleration in terms of breeding, This acceleration makes it vital for an intense dialogue between researchers and those in charge of developing the products.

The interface between research and education is more key than ever. Researchers have to continue to benefit from training throughout their career. Hence the importance of the relationships established by Florimond Desprez with universities and high schools.

Lastly, research must take regulatory aspects into consideration, from the reform of CAP, and more specifically for Florimond Desprez, the reform of the sugar regime, to regulations such as Ecophyto, which aims to reduce pesticide use. AKER Observation des cultures in vitro 1